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The SolarWinds Hack

Although the world is only beginning to understand the full impact of the SolarWinds hack, we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what we know and what we are doing, as it relates to vendors of ZWM and our information technology (IT) infrastructure. 

Per our cybersecurity team at Fidelity, we are pleased to report that Fidelity Investments is not a client of SolarWinds and is not impacted by the recent breach. Since the breach, Fidelity hardened their security with the recommended detections as published by investigators and they are continuing to monitor this evolving incident. As we have communicated to many of you in the past, Fidelity spends $5 billion annually on IT and has their own proprietary systems. This is a primary reason we chose Fidelity to be the custodian for our clients’ assets and it is why we are confident in their leadership, especially in cybersecurity. We believe Fidelity is in a strong position to withstand breaches, such as this recent, unprecedented incident.  

Below are some links to white papers and articles on Fidelity’s cybersecurity program and measures they take to protect your information that you may find helpful: 

Protecting Client Data: An Illustrative Overview of Fidelity Institutional's Cybersecurity Program 

One Step Ahead: Help Protect Your Firm and Clients from Cyber Fraud

Vendor Due Diligence: Evaluating the Security of Third Party Providers

Personal Security Insights: Proven Strategies for Safeguarding your Wealth and Family

Furthermore, we are currently working with our IT consultants and other software vendors to evaluate and harden our own cybersecurity systems to ensure there are no vulnerabilities. We take our responsibility as your trusted financial partner very seriously, and we will always protect your information to the best of our abilities. We will be sure to share any additional developments about ZWM cybersecurity policy when we have updates. 

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We hope you and your families are well and we extend our best wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year! 

All of us at ZWM,

Tom, Mona, Marshall, Dan and Eric