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Focused on what is
right for you: Always.

Zimmerman wealth management® - FIduciary & Fee-Only

As a firm of CFP® professionals, we are always focused on our fiduciary duty. Being a fiduciary means we do what is best for you, no matter what. 

As a "Fee-Only" firm, we don't sell products on commission, we don't get paid to use certain types of investments, and we don’t get paid to recommend you to other professionals. And as a Fee-Only, fiduciary advisor we avoid the conflicts of interest that result when advisors stand to gain financially from the purchase of investments they recommend to clients. We are paid by you, and only you, which means we are always working in your best interests. If and when there are some conflicts that arise and cannot be avoided, we fully explain the nature of the issues to our clients.


We find different clients have different needs and might be more comfortable with different ways to pay. Whether you have assets to invest or need to pay a flat fee, we can come up with a plan that compensates us for our work while we help you feel better about your finances.

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