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Zimmerman wealth management's® planning PRocess

WE Personalize Our PRocess To You

You make the decision whether we're the best fit for you and your family. If so, we get right to work to design a reliable plan for your future based on your goals.

  • Initial Meeting: We invite you to our office (or hop on a quick call) to come learn about who we are and show you what we do. We're happy to answer your questions (and will likely ask you a few) to make sure we're a great fit.

  • We learn more about you: If you decide to join us, we'll meet again in a week or two to dive deeper to truly understand your goals, aspirations, and current situation.

  • Plan Presentation: We spend about three weeks working diligently to build you a plan to achieve your goals. Then we'll meet to present it to you. You'll leave this meeting with a clear understanding of your overall situation, the long-term plan, and the actions you should take next. We'll walk away with any changes you need made to the plan to make sure it is a perfect fit for you.

  • Investment Meeting: A few weeks later we meet to present a final plan with any changes you requested. Also in this meeting, we'll focus on your  investments. We'll make sure we completely understand your goals and needs. Then we'll carefully explain how we will invest your money, and how it will help you balance the right amount of risk and growth for your situation.

  • You are part of the family: The formal planning process is over (for now), but we're never more than a phone call or email away. We'll keep you updated on your investments and make sure we meet periodically to keep the plan fresh. Meanwhile, you keep us informed of changes in your life so we can make sure we adjust the plan as your life changes.