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Focused on Planning

Building you the best plan possible

Often, individuals concerned about their financial futures are overwhelmed with a huge range of different companies and options.

However, since our first day in 2003, our experience as fiduciary financial planners has allowed Zimmerman Wealth Management® to be a “one-stop shop,” which assists individuals, couples and families in formulating a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all the parts of their financial lives.

ZWM Offers comprehensive, fee-only financial planning addressING:

  • Financial independence planning/retirement planning: At ZWM it all starts with your personalized plan. You tell us your goals and we help you make the right decisions to achieve them.

  • Investment planning and implementation: A main emphasis of ZWM. You work hard to achieve your goals, we help make sure your money does the same.

  • Risk analysis and risk management (insurance planning): We’ll analyze your insurance needs and work with an insurance professional to implement the best plan for you.

  • Estate planning strategy and overview: We will work with you and your attorney to create wills and trusts that best suit your wealth transfer needs and implement family and charitable gifting programs.

  • Tax planning: We can assist with tax planning by optimizing the taxation of your investments.

  • Charitable giving: We help assess your options for charitable gifting. We have helped many clients establish and operate family foundations.

  • Family asset preservation/family wealth planning: ZWM can assist you by providing a road map to address multi-generational education and planning issues.

  • Business planning/succession planning: We help privately held businesses manage issues such as exit strategies, succession planning and employee benefits planning.

ZWM combines the highest professional and fiduciary standards with personalized solutions. We employ state-of-the-art planning through advanced analysis and sophisticated software. We are vigilant in our research, keeping us on top of the latest trends and issues that can influence your investment strategies.

Our research is incorporated into individually tailored, detail-oriented management of your assets. Our standard is to deliver professional, personalized attention; significantly above and beyond what is offered by most financial services providers.