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As soon as you sign up for our financial management services, we get to work creating a customized strategy designed to help your wealth grow. 

Our first step is to sit down together to assess your objectives, asset allocation strategies and the management processes that will allow for the most efficient growth of your investments.

In the objectives phase, we work with you to determine what types of accounts to establish, based on your existing financial situation. During this phase we will also assess your risk comfort zone to make sure that you’re comfortable with the types of risks that may be involved with specific types of financial instruments. We’ll also set up an expectations timetable to allow for longer-term planning and adjustments to your investing agenda.

Various studies indicate that the bulk of the return of a given portfolio correlates to asset allocation. That’s the basis for our disciplined approach in designing your portfolio, the next step in the process. Once established, asset allocation is reviewed quarterly, with changes made to portfolio weighting when an asset class or category exceeds its range by a statistically significant amount. Other adjustments may also be made in the wake of changes in the economy, U.S. or international financial markets or your personal situation or objectives.

Our goal is to provide clients a clear understanding of how our services and strategies will move forward and help their wealth grow, even before the actual investment program begins.