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We take great pride that our clients come to us.  We don’t advertise. We don’t cut deals with other professionals to generate business. New clients are referred to us either by current clients or by professionals who have seen how we do business, such as CPA’s, insurance agents and attorneys. It gives us a stream of diverse clients who come to us via the best path available – referral from those who know our services well. 

ZWM customizes your financial plan and investment strategy based on your unique set of circumstances. Depending on where you are in your life you may be asking some of the following questions: 



Emerging Investors

  • Should I buy or lease a car?
  • How much should I be saving? 
  • Where should I be directing my savings?
  • How should I position my investment portfolio for growth?
  • What should I do with a salary increase?



Asset Accumulation

  • Can I afford to start my own business?
  • How well am I managing my cash flow?
  • What type of mortgage should I have?
  • Do I have adequate disability insurance coverage?
  • Should I meet with an estate planning attorney?



Asset Preservation

  • Can I afford to retire the way I envision?
  • Do you have a recommendation for a tax professional?
  • Can you give me a second opinion on my stock awards or deferred compensation package?
  • How will I manage my cash flow when my children go off to college?
  • Can you assist me in consolidating my retirement accounts?



Asset Consolidation

  • How can I maximize the income from my investments?
  • How much can I afford to draw from my portfolio?
  • Should I refinance my mortgage?
  • Can you advise me on my business succession plan?
  • How can I efficiently gift assets to my children or grandchildren?

Whether you’re a couple that’s planning for your retirement years, a business owner/entrepreneur, or a divorced or widowed individual whose spouse handled all of the finances throughout your relationship, ZWM is prepared to offer the individual guidance and personalized service you need to secure your financial future.